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Areas of Practice

Carmody Law Offices focuses on the handling of trial and trial-related matters. Specific areas of pratice include:


We assist people through all aspects of the divorce process. Issues typically include the division of property and debt, and the legal and physical custody of children.

Regardless of total wealth, property claims need the careful analysis of an experienced attorney to determine whether property is separate or community and to divide the finances in creative ways that allow our clients to move on with their lives.

Custody and timesharing of children is an area that breeds contentious disputes. We want our clients to continue to have healthy relationships with their children. Achieving that goal can require aggressive negotiation and litigation at times.

Paternity Suits

Many unmarried couples have children, and thus need to establish legal rights and obligations similar to those of divorcing couples. Failure to act promptly can lead to disaster, including loss of contact with the child, huge back child support judgments, and constant disputes between the parents. For men particularly, it is imperative that a court sanctioned Parenting Plan be obtained immediately upon separation.


A thoughtful premarital agreement can avoid all sorts of future problems for both parties. They are not simply luxuries for the very wealthy. Every person who has children from a previous relationship, or assets even of modest value will benefit from a fair, straight forward premarital agreement.

Settlement vs. Litigation

We make every effort to settle cases on terms that are satisfactory to our clients. The vast majority of cases are settled without the need for a trial before a judge. We are fully capable of litigating difficult cases, and find that the reputation for being able to do so assists us in obtaining fair out of court resolutions for our clients.

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