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Court Procedures

When a Court date is set in your case, you will receive a Notice of Hearing or Notice of Trial from our office. As soon as you receive this Notice, mark the date of the hearing on your calendar and make all necessary arrangements to attend (i.e. work, transportation, etc.). If you are responsible for your children the day of the hearing, arrange for someone else to care for them. Children are not allowed at Court hearings. All Court hearings scheduled in your case are important and should be a priority.

The hearings in your case will be held at the Second Judicial District Courthouse, located at 400 Lomas Blvd. NW in Albuquerque. The Courthouse is located on the corner of Lomas Blvd. and 4th Street. Parking is available at the Bank of America building directly East of the Courthouse between Lomas Blvd. and Roma. There are entrances to the garage on both 3rd Street and 4th Street. The fee at this garage is $2.00 per hour with a maximum of $4.00 per day. In addition to this garage, there is a parking lot on the corner of Lomas Blvd. and 5th Street, directly West of the Courthouse. The fee at this lot is $1.00 per hour. Both 4th Street and 5th Street are two way streets South of Lomas. Unless otherwise arranged, you will meet Mr. Carmody in the lobby of the Courthouse, just past the metal detectors.

Court dates are formal procedures and it is important to dress respectfully. For men, dress slacks, a button up shirt and dress shoes are the minimum attire. For women, a conservative skirt, dress or dress pants, conservative top and dress shoes are the minimum attire. Please do not wear jeans, shorts, short skirts or dresses, tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, low cut shirts, or flip flops.

Please contact our office at least one week prior to your Court date to schedule an appointment with Mr. Carmody. During this meeting you will discuss the procedure for your particular Court appearance and also your goals for the hearing. Please bring any questions you would like to ask Mr. Carmody about the hearing to your appointment.

Please feel free to contact this office at any time with any questions you have regarding Court procedures.

Click here for a map to the Second Judicial District Court

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